Advantages of SSC Challange for a host city
Un modelo de desarrollo para la mejora de la calidad de vida

  • The Smart Social City Challenge promotes the image of the host city and the State where it develops, promoting a positive local, regional, national and global positioning, achieving an increase in its social development and economic prosperity for its citizens, companies and other organizations (universities, public administrations, associations, non-profit sector, etc.).
  • The Smart Social City Plan for the concrete emplacement is developed through the Smart Social City Challenge.
  • An exhibition of the Smart Social City based on the urbanism of the contests and on the construction of the prototypes of housing selected is created to close the Challenge. The exhibition will be called Challenge-Lab.
  • A set of different forums and workshops, together with the Smart Social City Congress will take place throughout the Challenge. The objective is spread the values of the Smart Social City.