Smart Social City Knowledge Center
Un modelo de desarrollo para la mejora de la calidad de vida

A platform that integrates university, government, business and society, in order to adapt, implement and develop the Smart Social City Model in a real and concrete placement. The SSC Knowledge Center promotes the quality of life of citizens through research, innovation and development of initiatives.

  • Smart Social City Knowledge gets boost from a knowledge center, foundation or university, where the SSC model is generated, implemented, transferred and replicated. Furthermore, training and certification of entities interested in doing development in SSC is also managed.
  • Identifies projects, attracts and captures investors from their specific areas of activity. Promotes economic and social development of the city, region or state where it is located and awareness the citizens of the possibility of new and better ways of living.
  • Smart Social City Knowledge Center positions the municipality, the region and the state as a model for social, environmental and economic sustainability.