Un modelo de desarrollo para la mejora de la calidad de vida

Looking for Sustainability. We understand sustainability holistically, that is, from the Environmental, Social and Economic point of view. Sustainability applies transversely across the enterprise, including administration, ensuring a balanced participation in decision-making, as well as a sensible way of functioning that minimises risks.


Committing to the harmonious development of the planet. Looking for a progress that balances growth and distribution of wealth and promoting the sustainability of the systems we deal with.


We are a community of interests between shareholders, managers, employees, customers and suppliers. Collaborating in a transparent and honest way, with a shared commitment to solidarity and responsibility.


We are acompany looking for abalanced economicbenefit in themedium and long term, to ensureour development andgrowth, contributing to socialdevelopment.A companythat fairlycompensatesall those whomthroughtheir work add valueandknowledge, includinga fairreturnto shareholders.

Being asocially responsible company, we are a flexible organization, which limitsrisks inmarketing policies andcostor financial policies, always adoptinga wiseand versatilestrategy.

We aim to be a solvent company, in multiple aspects, financially, in fixed costs, in our organizational model and in the selection of internal and external human resources.