Concept, Model, Movement and Standard
Un modelo de desarrollo para la mejora de la calidad de vida

SSC Social World AlphaSmart Social City arises from our concern about the need to give a solution to growth and urban destructuration of last years. We propose an integral urban concept orientated to the improvement of quality of life of citizens:

  • A quality urban Habitat: an urban design thought for the citizen, that guarantees public space, increases green spaces, improves mobility …
  • Quality housing: offering a differential value through the design of the houses (size, materials, perfectibility …) and the value solutions they include.
  • Quality services: that cover needs related to health, education, trade, endowments … guaranteed in the long term and before starting the construction.

This concept becomes real within a model that integrates the design of the city, respecting the environment, the socio-economic viability and quality of life, in a system of urban, social, technical and financial structures, capable of generating a city model that accomplishes the required objectives for the balanced growth and development of its inhabitants. This system takes into account in its formulation and approach the development of quality services for the inhabitants, effective and maintained in the long term.

Smart Social City entails the creation of a City Ecosystem- a movement-in which governments, companies, knowledge centres and society (citizens, experts, entrepreneurs…) participate and collaborate for the development of the Vision of the City in a certain emplacement. This City Ecosystem generates a collaborative energy that brings together all the necessary agents for, through co-participation, generating a feasible Vision of the City, capable of guaranteeing the viability of development, the profitability of investments through the business model and also capable of assuring the social benefit of citizens.

As part of the process, Smart Social City creates boosts and mobilizes an experts’ network, promotes the creation of starts up, the generation of smart products and the design of new business models that improve the Smart Social City model and consolidate the base of international knowledge.

From the agreed City Vision, Smart Social City takes action with the creation of pilots, allowing to validate the City Vision and obtain information for the continuous improvement of the model through a battery of indicators. This allows obtaining a Certification that proves that an urban development accomplishes with the standards to be considered a SSC City with quality of life for citizens.